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Swarm removal & cutouts

What is a bee removal?

Honey bees have a natural tendency to swarm in the spring, meaning that they will split their colony into two or more separate colonies when resources are plentiful. This usually occurs between April and July in Michigan. A swarm of bees is a very special thing to witness - a cloud of thousands of bees and a queen travel to a place to rest and "house hunt" until they find a suitable cavity to build their nest in. Typical places for bees to temporarily swarm to are tree branches, fences, and overhangs.

Once bees select a new home they will all funnel into a tiny opening into a cavity. The natural nest for a honey bee colony is in a hollow tree trunk or limb, but in today's age it is common for them to find gaps in siding, soffits, attics, and barn walls. Removing bees from infrastructure requires careful planning and special tools to safely remove the colony while causing the least amount of damage to the building.

Swarms (clusters of bees where they can be reached) are generally a free service, however cutouts are much more involved and have a cost based on the difficulty and materials needed. 

If you suspect you have either a bee swarm or require a bee cut-out from infrastructure, please contact me through phone or email.

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